Custom orders, Stained Glass, mosaics, Glass on Glass, Solder on Glass, Glass Etching, Monogramming, wind chimes, just about anything in Glass


Sandy Marsh

My first love has always been Stained glass, I have been at it for 15 years now and never tire of it. I created a business out of it a few years back and have done ok. But you know what They say… 2 minds are better than one. I joined ranks with my very talented neighbor and we decided to put our artistry together. We compliment each other and share our ideas and strengths. Our thing is GLASS, We can do just about anything you need, including Stained glass art, mosaics, glass on glass, solder on glass, Monogrammed glasses or bottles, jars of any kind, you name it, We can do it. Please check out our products and support the dying industry of homemade art.

Shannon Hester

As the product of parents that were both art majors, talent and creativity runs thru my blood. from the smallest project to the largest, Ive always had something cookin’. My present passion for etching glass came about by creating yard art by up cycling bottles into bird feeders and wind chimes . Being surrounding by wine bottles, I picked up a dremel, and my new world was created. Always having an interest in Stained glass, as the universe would have it, the new neighbor moved in and what a blessing it was to find out that she was a stained glass artist! So both having the love of glass, we hit it off immediately and have been creating Beautiful Glass Designs together since.


Stained Glass, Mosaics, Glass on Glass, Solder on Glass, Glass Etching, Monogramming, Wind Chimes, just about anything in glass

Let us make that special piece just for you, be it a set of wine glasses, a stained glass piece or just a fun wind chime for your yard

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